Chinchillas & Exercise

Safety, Safety, Safety

letting your chinchilla out of its cage

Chinchillas love to jump and play and even the nicest of cages doesn't really give your pet chinny the room it needs to really let loose. The thing to always remember is that once your little fellow is out of his cage, no matter how much he may love you, he is going to look for an avenue of escape.

Remember, chinchillas are fast and they are true escape artists as Sandra, aka ~sannys-stocks on Deviant Art can attest to personally with this picture of Nora literally climbing up the wall.

Can chinchillas play outside?

While it may be tempting and even appear to be kind, NEVER let your chinchilla play outside.

Let me repeat that, it is not safe to let your chinchilla play outside. They are excellent climbers, chewers and burrowers. Chances are good that you will not be able to keep your chinchilla contained once you let it loose outside.

Beyond the risk of your chinchilla escaping into the unfamiliar wilds of your backyard, he is likely to taste any unfamiliar thing he comes in contact with. Unfortunately, even your beautiful green lawn can prove toxic to your chinchilla as so many of the grass varieties are treated with chemicals as seeds; so even if you don't use pesticides and fertilizer, they could already be in your grass.

Inside is the only safe place for chinchillas to play.

Create a safe place in your home for your chinchilla to run free. Set aside a room free from other pets and children who have not yet learned how to properly handle chinchillas. Create places for your little guy to explore and climb but always be sure to clean the room with a fine tooth comb before you give him free reign.

You will never catch your pet before he can swallow that mysterious something he found in a forgotten corner.

And always ensure that your chinchilla has access to a dust bath so that it may remove any sweat and dirt that gets into his fur during playtime.